Stormy Week


This image was taken from our back patio last year during a beautiful storm that was entertaining me during morning coffee.  About 5:00 am or so if I recall.  I was sitting out back saying to myself, “you should go in and get your camera”.  But, I replied (to myself), “I’m not awake enough to dig out the tripod, and you know that’s the only way you’re going to get a lightning shot.”

“No, you should go get your camera, this is too amazing.”

“But, I really don’t want to try and set up the tripod in the dark.”

So, as in any good relationship……..myself and I compromised.  I went in and got the camera, disregarded my own advice about the tripod and settled on bracing the camera against one of the patio roof supports.  Nineteen empty frames later, I came up with this one perfect shot.

While this whole new blogging thing was off to a fair start, the past week has been a complete bust.  As often happens in life, we’ve encountered a “brief interruption” to the routine.  The image above best represents how these “storms of life” can sometimes sweep in and catch you off guard.

Stick with me, dear readers as I have great images of Moab and the Colorado River Jet Boats.  I’m getting them ready and promise to post soon.

So many great ideas……so little time.

Happy Trails to You,

Janet, Randy and Molly



2 responses to “Stormy Week

  1. I love the photo. I’m so glad your one self didn’t listen to your other self and went and got your camera, tripod or not. 😉 And you are very right about those “storms of life.” We can hope that when they do come they blow through quickly.

    • I’m glad you liked the photo. I am enjoying your blog for both the writing and the photos. The snow drop images are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

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